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This is Audrey's area of the Landers sisters web page. We have the Gallery of Audrey pictures, a list of Audrey's guest appearances, and some magazine articles.


Welcome from Audrey

Audrey's gallery contains over 60 pictures that I have scanned in from my collection of photos. But the vidcap gallery has other pics of Audrey from various TV shows, including Dallas and her latest show Burn Notice. Don't forget to see the gallery home page for other pics of Audrey with Judy.


Here is a list of magazine articles featuring Audrey.

Guest appearances

Here is a list of some of Audrey's TV guest appearances. This does not include "Dallas" because she was a regular on that show, not a guest.

Audrey on AOL

Back in 1996, Audrey was in the TV movie "Dallas: J.R. Returns." In addition to talk show appearances she made to promote it, she also did a special AOL Chat session. Thanks to Ferrante for posting the transcript on

Audrey was added the the Celebrity Legs Hall of Fame in July 2006

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