Audrey Landers talks about her weekend

By Bob Lardine

Audrey in red shirtDuring the week, sexy Audrey Landers never thinks of love. She doesn't go out on a single date, but almost every weekend, the Dallas beauty gets together secretly with her boyfriend in motels and hotels across the country.

“I won't tell you his name,” she says, “He wouldn't like it. We've been going together for over a year and he's the only man I want to be with.”

Audrey's romance is an unusual 3,000-mile affair. Her boyfriend, lives in New York City, where, he is a business executive.

“We don't find it easy to meet each week, but somehow we manage it,” she says. “I have to fly off to a different city each weekend either to promote Dallas or to fulfill a singing engagement. My friend flies to wherever I happen to be.”

Audrey in blueThe 24-year.old actress was introduced to her boyfriend by her stepfather. “I have old-fashioned standards,” says Audrey, “and I like to meet men in the proper way My stepfather waited three years before introducing this fellow to me.

“I took a plane to New York one day and my stepfather said, 'I've picked out a nice man for, you. I've known him and his family for years and now is the time for you to meet him. Why don't we all get together for lunch one day?' I agreed. It was a pleasant lunch, and I thought the man was nice and let it go at that. Then that night he called me and asked If we could have dinner alone. Once that happened, I decided that he was the only man I would be with.”

The actress confides that she and her boyfriend may move to Hollywood. “We're not thinking of marriage in the near future though,” she adds coyly.

Audrey's not only excited about her romance but also about her part on Dallas next season. “There's going to be a big change in my role as Afton Cooper;” she says. “I'm going to become very strong, very powerful and ruthless. Last year started turning into a nice girl. I would prefer being nasty. You can do more things when you're rotten.”

Audrey and Judy on a boatAside front her acting career she'll also push her vocal talent. “I just signed a recording contract and will be singing pop songs with a country flavor,” she says. “I write a lot of songs myself and some will be included on my first album.”

Audrey teamed up with her sister, Judy Landers, a few months ago to sing duets in various cities around the country.

“We get along wonderfully together,” says Audrey, “and we're planning to do many things as a team. Recently we made a movie Going for Broke, which will be released this fall. We also co-wrote the film's title tune, `Diamond in the Rough.'”

The actress claims she is exceedingly close to her sister because they spent so much time together when they were young. "When my father left my mother, the three of us looked out for each other all the time.

“Currently, my mother is the manager for both of us. I'm on the phone to her in New York at least three times a day. Sometimes it's strictly business but most times it is about personal things.”

Audrey and Judy with surfboatAudrey's father is another matter. “I haven't seen him since I was a child,” she says. “He's really not part of my life. I look more to my stepfather, who is very close to all of us. My real dad calls from time to time from out of nowhere. I find that a little awkward. I have no hard feelings toward him, but it's more like hearing from a stranger.”

Her father never mentioned what he thought of his daughters Audrey and Judy posing for Playboy i some months ago. “Most people thought it was very nice,” says Audrey. “When the magazine first approached me to do it, I told them: 'Nothing doing.' But when they explained that there would be no nudity involved, Judy and I agreed to do it. I don't think nudity is wrong it's just not for me.”

The only thing that really bothers Audrey these days is the image some people have of her. “For some reason viewers think all blondes are dumb, silly and shallow. I may turn brunette one of these days just because of that,” she says.

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