Audrey Landers wants to be a singing cowgirl

Audrey Landers

This beautiful blonde thinks Dallas is the greatest, thing to happen to her, but Audrey plans to use the break as a stepping stone to a big-time singing career.

Audrey LandersAt 23, Audrey, Landers is alreadv a 10-year veteran of acting, having been discovered at 13, by a neighbor. But it was her musical talent that was responsible for that debut on Merv Griffin's show; acting happened later. Audrey quickly learned that it's easier to earn a living acting on TV than warbling on the dwindling American night club circuit. After stints on several soaps (Search for Tomorrow, Secret Storm, Love of Life), Audrey thought her ship had come in two seasons ago when she landed a co-starring spot on Joe Namath's stab at TV sitcom, The Waverfy Wonders, but it did a quick flop. Meanwhile, her big sis Judy, 25, settled in for a long run on Vega$, so when the chance to join Dallas as J.R.'s conniving new mistress came along, Audrey grabbed it. “It is the most exciting thing that has happened to me in my career,” she says. But, she adds, “Music is my first love. Whatever happens in my acting career, I want to pursue my singing career to the fullest.”

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