Audrey Landers: Dallas' Date-Bait

Audrey LandersDallas has come up with some adorable new date bait this season! Her name is Audrey Landers-and she gets to play J.R.'s mistress now that he's washed old flame Kristen right out of his hair! “He's so wonderfully wicked. I'm sure sparks are going to fly between us,” says Audrey about J.R.

“Actually,” she goes on, “its a wonderful show with some of the top actors in TV today. It will not only give me incredible exposure, but also help me in my career because of the number of talented people I'm working with.”

Audrey LandersAudrey is a very talented Ms. herself! She comes to Dallas with such credits as Police Woman, Marcus Welby, Emergency and Happy Days under her belt, and has also graced the boob tube in daytime's The Secret Storm, Somerset, Love Of Life and Search for Tomorrow.

At 23, Audrey, who says she's a home-loving Cancerian, admits, “Music is my first love. Whatever happens in my acting career, I want to pursue my singing to the fullest,” and has cut a country single, The Apples Don't Fall Far From The Tree.

A real busy bee, Audrey has many interests. She writes poetry and puts it to music she composes herself, does volunteer work in hospitals, works with the elderly in nursing homes, swims, horseback rides, skates, works in clay and paints. She's a remarkable young woman who is still very close to her family ... and readily admits she says her prayers every single night!

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Audrey Landers

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