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The following episode summaries and guest apperances were taken from various episode guides I have found. Show titles that are linked will take you to vidcaps of that episode.

Updated June 5, 2012

Room 222

To go With the Bubbles

March 9, 1973

Fame takes its toll on an Olympic swimming champion who's finding it difficult to reconcile her new-found glory with her return to high-school life. Pete: Lloyd Haynes. Donna: Audrey Landers. Liz: Denise Nicholas. Mrs. Carpenter: Tani Phelps.

Marcus Welby MD

The Light at the Threshold

October 9, 1973

In 1973, Audrey appeared in Marcus Welby MD as Tracy Robbins, a young, outgoing 16 going on 17 yr old who has had multiple medical problems throughout her life as a result of diabetes. For her 17th birthday, her father (divorced from her mother with whom she lives with) has promised her a trip to New York. It is recommended she not go due to vision problems. She goes anyway and her vision problems become very severe and within days she is totally blind. She is flown back to LA and has a new, experimental operation which restores some sight in her left eye. The right eye is completely blind.
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Computer Error (Season 3)

December 22, 1973

Bonnie Bartlett, Mark Miller, Tami Guthrie, Audrey Landers, Donny Most, Loren Jameson

Battlestar Galactica

The Young Lords

November 19, 1978


Writers: Don Bellisario, Frank Lupo, Paul Playdon

Guest Cast: Bruce Glover, Charles Bloom, Audrey Landers,Brigitte Muller, Adam Man
Starbuck crashes on the planet Trillion (sorry Apollo, it's his turn) where the Cylons have destroyed all the humans except for a band of children who have become warriors to save their enslaved father. At first, the oldest boy, their leader, wants to trade Starbuck for their father. But Starbuck convinces them to go along with a scheme of his, and they rescue the children's father. Then Apollo and Boomer come to rescue Starbuck. (Sound familiar? Poor Boomer never gets to be marooned.)

Charlie's Angels

Season: 3 Episode: 67 Teen Angels

February 28, 1978

Directed by: Allen Baron Story by: Laurie Lakso
Guest Starring: Audrey Landers as Donna; Jane Alice Brandon as Liz; Debi Richter as Patty; Lori Lethin as Bo; Jack Fletcher as Mr. Blackmoor; and Elissa Leeds as Cissy
Special Guest Star: Hal Englund as Victor

BJ and the Bear

Season 2, Episode 5 Cain's Son-in-Law

October 27, 1979

When B.J. rescues a young lady from an assailant it hits Captain Cain where he lives.

Young Maverick

Season: 1 Episode: 4 Hearts O Gold

December 12, 1979

Guest Stars: Bill McKinney, Audrey Landers, Robert Hogan
Ben and Nell end up in the middle of a bank robbery when Ben decides to go after a man who welshed on a gambling debt.

Dukes of Hazzard

Episode 35 R.I.P. Henry Flatt

March 14, 1980

Directed by Denver Pyle. Written by William Raynor & Myles Wilder

Guest Stars: Hal Smith [ Henry Flatt ], Audrey Landers [ Gail Flatt ], Jim English [ Morgue Attendant ], Mallie Jackson [ Peggy ]

Henry Flatt, a con man who faked his death a year ago show up and the Dukes try to help him with his problem: Boss Hogg is planning on plowing up an old veteran's cemetary to build a new highway - that would also reveal that Henry was never dead.

Fantasy Island

Episode 88 The Devil and Mr Roarke/Zeigfeld Girls/Kid Corey Rides Again

October 17, 1981

Written by: Ruel Fischmann. Directed by: Don Chaffey, Arthur Rowe, Don Ingalls

The devil himself has come with a very specific purpose in mind -- to capture the immortal soul of Mr. Roarke and a young man who is enamored with the outlaws of the old west wishes to go back in time to ride with one of the legendary and deadly lawbreakers of that era.
Guest stars: Barbi Benton, Jack Elam, Anne Jeffreys, Arte Johnson, Betty Kennedy, Audrey Landers, Roddy McDowell, Cameron Mitchell, Dack Rambo

The Love Boat

Marrying For Money / Mothers Don't Do That / Substitute Lover

15 May 1982

The Captain And His Crew Suspect That A Beautiful Woman Is Trying To Kill Her Millionaire Husband; A Glamorous Divorcee Tries To Get Reacquainted With Her Son, Who Yearns For His Dad; And A Woman Gets A Shock When She Meets Her Supposed Pen Pal.
Guest Stars: Caren Kayes, Arte Johnson, Eva Gabor, Brad Savage, Hank Brandt, Audrey Landers, And Eddie Mekka

Fantasy Island

The Tallowed Image/Room and Bard

January 29, 1983

A young man wants to meet the woman whose image he saw in a century-old magazine; and an aspiring Shakespearean actress gets help from no less than the Bard himself.

Fantasy Island

Episode 139 The Fantasy Island Girl/ Saturday's Child

December 10, 1983

Directed by Leslie H. Martinson. Written by Robert Sharman, Joyce Perry, Stephanie Garman and Hollace White

A beauty contest promoter with a disreputable reputation wants to clear up his tarnished image and a glamorous film actress wishes to meet the two children whom she gave up for adoption.
Guest stars: Diane Baker, Paul Burke, Pat Crowley, Gina Gallego, Audrey Landers, Amy Linker, Stella Stevens

The Hitchhiker

Split Decision

December 14, 1983

Two sisters who have lived together all their lives hire a real estate agent to find them separate homes. Audrey Landers. Judy Landers.

Fantasy Island

Episode 151 Bojangles and the Dancer/ Deuces are Wild

May 12, 1984

Directed by Bob Sweeney. Written by Shiela R. Allen and David Chambers

A married couple come to the Island with a mixed agenda - he is intent upon performing with his idol, Mr. Bojangles - she, however, is intent upon keeping him from fulfilling his fantasy for fear it may kill him and two sisters hope to fulfill their lifelong fantasy - to be taken seriously.
Guest stars: Sammy Davis, Jr., John Ericson, Walter Gotell, Telma Hopkins, Audrey Landers, Judy Landers, Glynn Turman, Stuart Whitman

Dukes of Hazzard

Episode 135 No More Mr. Nice Guy

October 19, 1984

Directed by: Ralph Riskin. Written by: Martin Roth.

Guest Stars: Audrey Landers [ Billie Jean ], John Matuszak [ Stoney ], Jan Eddy [ Zack ]

Boss swindles the Dukes into thinking they won a bunch of prizes at the Capitol City Department Store. All the prizes turn out to be stolen. However, Boss Hogg gets a bump on the head later on, gets amnesia and becomes a nice gentleman - temporarily.

Murder, She Wrote

Season 2 Episode 18 If a Body Meet a Body

March 9, 1986

Investigation of a claim that the deceased was murdered leads the police to discover that the wrong body is in the coffin.
Ned Olston: Monte Markham, Phyllis Walters: Audrey Landers, Connie Vernon: Carrie Snodgress, Silas Pike: Robert Donner, Stew Bennett: Rex Smith, Ben Shipley: Robert Sterling, Agnes Shipley: Anne Jeffreys

Midnight Caller

Episode 13 Blame It On Midnight

March 28, 1989

Directed by: Peter Levin. Written by: Larry Gross and Richard DiLello

An abused wife calls Jack's show fearing for her life. Their paths cross and they become romantically involved. The reappearance of the abusive husband throws Jack into the middle of a murder investigation - as the prime suspect.
Guest Stars: Audrey Landers, Roscoe Born, Denny Delk


Episode 83 Two Times Trouble

December 11, 1989

Directed by: Michael Preece. Written by: Robert Sherman

MacGyver is put in double jeopardy by a rock-singer friend who thinks her twin is trying to kill her.
Guest Cast: Carla: Audrey Landers, Rogan: Terry David Mulligan, Eve: Babs Chula, Dr. Farrell: Dana Still

Silk Stalkings

Season 2 Episode 8 Scorpio Lover

November 12, 1992

Directed by: William Lucking. Written by: David Barry

Chris and Rita investigate the death of a millionaire. Rita questions the dead man's wife, who was in an alcoholic blackout at the time of the murder. Amalia, the maid, is too afraid to give the police any specific clues as to what had happened. Rita eventually persuades the maid to identify the man who was with the wife the night of the murder. Meanwhile, Lorenzo questions Solonge.
Starring: Edward Albert, Ruth Britt, Ismael East Carlo, Carlos Carrasco, Robert Gossett, Rena Johns, David Labiosa, Audrey Landers, Marie Marshall, Alejandro Patino, Douglas Rowe, Ladd York

Lois & Clark: The new Adventures of Superman

Episode 6 I've Got a Crush On You

September 24, 1993

Directed by Gene Reynolds. Written by Thania St. John

Jessica Tuck, Michael Milhoan, Johnny Williams, Audrey Landers
Lois and Clark go undercover at a mobster's nightclub to look into arsonists known as Toasters, who are staging a fiery reign of terror in a downtown area being developed by Lex Luthor.

Murder, She Wrote

Season 12 Episode 18 Track of a Soldier

February 25, 1996

Director: Vincent McEveety. Writer: Bruce Lansbury

The scene is a guest lodge in the Grand Tetons. Two of the guests are hiding secrets. Who has the diamond?
Ellen Levering: Linda Kelsey, Lloyd Nichols: Fredric Lane, Howard Levering: Wings Hauser, Greta Bayer: Audrey Landers, Vaitiare Bandera, Pete Levering: Brandon Douglas, Ben Lemon, Stephen Macht, James Victor, Michael Zelniker

Audrey has also appeared in The Cosby Show, Happy Days, Room 222, and several episodes of The Love Boat and Fantasy Island.
Audrey also hosted Designs on Travel for the Travel Channel.

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