The Landers sisters links list continues to grow, thanks to you people who send me new pages you have found. I tried to put pages with pictures or interesting information about the sisters. Keep in mind that there is no nudity on my pages, and I try to make sure there is none on the pages I link to. Newest links are at the top.

Check out this blog post from Retrospace. It lists all of Audrey and Judy's TV appearances in the 70's and 80's in chronological order! Also include a few nice screen caps and a couple of video clips.

Check out Audrey's web site at

The ShopNBC web site has a page for Audrey and Ruth's Landers STAR Collection. If you're looking for some nice ladies apparel, check it out.

Audrey's fan club in Germany has a new site: There are some nice pictures from when fan club president Lars Kindler visited Audrey and the family recently.

Ultimate Dallas recently did a live chat with Audrey.

After a few problems, Judy's unofficial fan club on Yahoo is back.

Audrey has finally joined Judy in the Celebrity Legs Hall of Fame! Thanks to everyone who voted for Audrey. If you came to this site through the Celebrity Legs Hall of Fame page, welcome, and have a look around. We always enjoy it when new people discover the Landers gals.

I found a review of the Landers sisters appearance in the Hitchhiker. If you've never seen the the episode, this page has a very good summary and a few pictures. Unfortunately, the site is called Jabootu's Bad Movie Dimension so you can be sure it's not a positive review.

Sound of Infinity is a New York band available for booking. Why should you care? Well, they played at Audrey's wedding. Take a look at the Celebrity/Benefits page for a few pics.

I just discovered this article that talks about Audrey and Judy's collecting hobbies. All I have are a bunch of old comic books.

Another Dallas Star has a web page. You can find some nice pictures of Charlene Tilton as Lucy Ewing, on magazine covers, and publicity pics. The page titled The Dallas Women even has a picture of Audrey.

The Going Blonde page, dedicated to people who have or want to change their hair color to blonde, has some familiar pics of Audrey and Judy under the Celebrities Gone Blonde section.

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