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The Palace of a Goddess of the Small Screen

Judy LandersJust like Harlow, Monroe and Mansfield, she furnished her decor in a romantic way

By Denis Monette

Audrey Landers is the kind of woman who never wanted to be ostentatious about being a “big Hollywood star.” Just like her sister Judy, she wanted to be in like the copious blondes of the '40s and ' 50s: Monroe, Mansfield, Mamie Van Doren and Diana Dors, the dream of being a blonde goddess. All that she changed in setting this scene, is that she wanted to clarify the fact that the blondes were not stupid... on the contrary. Iin addition to being seen in the series “Dallas”, Audrey Landers is also a professional singer and has a gold record for her song “Manuel Goodbye.” At the time of its release, she had the occasion to sing a duet with the Spanish singer Camillo Sesto and it immediately became a hit. Since then, they have become Audrey Landersinseparable and Camillo has already moved in with her in her sumptuous house in Beverly Hills. Her sister Judy on the other hand was less lucky in her connection with Andy Gibb. He has always had drug problems and he did not seem to want to quit, so she has had to let him go with a flood of tears. In visit often in his/her sister with her Ruth mom who is proud of her two daughters, we could have all this beautiful world at the time of the passage of the photographer at Audrey Landers.

It is conspicuous of a part has the other which one can realise that the voluptuous blonde furnished her decor just like Jean Harlow would have done it in the '30s. Romantic? Nostalgic of a past which she would have liked to live? What imports! Audrey Landers wants to be the Cinderella blonde who finally has just met her Prince Charming.

1. A bedroom done in pink satin from top to bottom.
2. And what about this showy corner where only Bonaparte is missing to make it a court?
(No #3)
4. With mom Ruth and sister Judy in front of a display of their career.
5. A dining room worthy of a fairy tale for children.
6. The room where her vanity takes seat, with bulbs, dark mirrors and decoration in Marilyn.
7. A pose borrowed from the biggest stars of the ' 40s.
Judy, Ruth and Audrey Audrey Landers Audrey at a vanity mirror Audrey Landers

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