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Bonus gallery

There are three different main galleries available. They are filled with my own scans: one for Audrey, (87 pictures) one for Judy (87 pictures) and one for them together (71 pictures). They are set so the latest images appear first.

The T and A Soiree is a collection of photos of Audrey performing at a fundraiser for a The Player's Theatre in Sarasota in February 2012.

The first of the extra galleries was originally seen as a set of bonus pictures. Ron Newcomer took a few pics of Judy at an appearance in Pittsburgh.

This next two galleries were donated by the Landers sisters themselves. First are publicity photos given by Ruth Landers (Audrey and Judy's mom and agent) with two exceptions. I have been given permission to put them here, so enjoy. Audrey and Judy have also given me some pictures of their families. These include Judy's daughters, Lindsey and Kristy

We also have a gallery featuring Audrey and Judy on the covers of various magazines. Some of these are in the Articles section, but there are more here.

The newest gallery has shots of Judy posing next to the hot cars of the 80's. Yes, there are cars in those pictures.

The vidcaps page contains still images of Audrey and Judy from their TV shows and movies.

Still can't get enough of Audrey and Judy? Try these wallpapers to use on your Windows desktop.

The favorites gallery has pictures that you voted for.

And the ever-changing Bonus gallery is here with new pics about once a month (or so...when I remember)

For more pictures of these lovely ladies, try the Landers links page. It has several other places with great shots. And don't forget the Articles section. There are pictures with almost every article, including the popular Playboy pictorial article

To my knowledge, these pictures are not copyrighted. They are publicity shots made available through various companies.

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