JudyJudy Landers Guest TV Appearances

The following episode summaries and guest apperances were taken from various episode guides I have found. They are listed in chronological order where available. Show titles that are linked will take you to vidcaps of that episode.

Updated June 5, 2012

Charlie's Angels

Season: 2 Episode: 47 Angel on the Run

February 22, 1978

Directed by: Bob Kellian. Story by: Laurie Lakso

Guest Starring: Don Reid as Larry Kantrelle; Carole Mallory as Rosey ("Rosie" on diner); Belinda Balaski as Sue Kantrell; Bill Duke as David Pearl; Alex Courtney as Taylor
Special Guest Star: Elaine Joyce as Nancy Co-Starring: Judy Landers as Mrs. Chicken

The Love Boat

The Man Who Loved Women / A Different Girl / Oh, My Aching Brother

September 30, 1978

A Charming Bachelor Falls Genuinely in Love With Three Women At The Same Time; Young Marrieds, Who Have Been Separated For Two Years Because Of Military Service, Discover Both Have Changed; And Two Conmen Stage A Phony Accident And Plan To Sue.
Guest Stars: Bess Armstrong, Sonny Bono, Cathryn Damon, David Doyle, Grant Goodeve, Marty Ingels, Judy Landers, Jo Ann Pflug And Brett Somers

The Jeffersons

Episode 108 The Other Woman

February 21, 1979

Directed by Jack Shea. Written by Jerry Perzigian and Don Seigel

A business trip of Tom's sparks an argument between him and Helen which gets even worse when she discovers that a beautiful blond is accompanying him.
Guest Stars: Judy Landers (as Judy Smith) Jack Manning (as Mr. Kramer) Darlene Conley (as mother)

Charlie's Angels

Season: 4 Episode: 72 Love Boat Angels

September, 12 1979

Directed by: Allen Baron Written by: Edward J Lakso

Co-Starring: Judy Landers as blond [sic] girl; Louie Elias as Stack; Read Morgan as Kadin
Special Guest Star: Bert Convy.
Guest Starring (in alphabetical order): Bo Hopkins, Sandy McPeak as Elenor Case, Dick Sargent as Avery, Barry Sullivan, Lee Travis
and the Love Boat Crew:
Gavin MacLeod, Bernie Kopell, Fred Grandy, Ted Lange and, Lauren Tewes
Suggested by Jeraldine Saunders' "The Love Boats"
Filmed entirely on location in the Caribbean.

Fantasy Island

Episode 58 The Swinger/Terrors of the Wind

February 9, 1980

Directed by Cliff Bole. Written by Worley Thorne, Sam Orr and Ken Pettus

A middle-aged man wishes for the swinging youth he feels he never enjoyed and a young woman wishes to see what the future holds for her, unaware of the dangers such a vision can hold.
Guest stars: Frankie Avalon, Jack Carter, Anne Francis, Lisa Hartman, Judy Landers, Stephen McNally, Howard Morris

Buck Rogers

Space Rockers

February 21, 1980

Directed by: Guy Magar. Written by: Chris Bunch, Allan Cole

Andromeda, the top rock group in the 25th Century, are preparing a galaxy-wide concert from the orbiting satellite Musicworld. Lars Mangros, their manager, plots to take over the galaxy by piggy-backing a mind-control wave on the concert. Simultaneous riots by the youth of the galaxy will create a power vacuum into which he will step!

GUEST CAST: Lars Mangros: Jerry Orbach. Karana: Nancy Frangione. Huer: Tim O'Connor. Joanna: Judy Landers. Cirus: Leonard Lightfoot.

Fantasy Island

Cyrano/The Magician

October 24, 1981

A woman in search of the most chivalrous and romantic man of all time winds up meeting Cyrano de Bergerac; and a magician trying to perfect his craft faces a huge problem after he makes his assistant vanish.

The Fall Guy

Three for the Road

April 14, 1982

Kay Faulkner and Colt team up and head for Mexico on a mission to recover a bail-jumping jewel thief (Judy Landers)and her stolen gems.

Knight Rider

Episode 12 Forget Me Not

December 12, 1982

Credits: Micki Bradburn: Judy Landers, Rudy del Fuego: Alejandro Rey, Marie Elena: Maria Conchita, Jerry: Michael Lane, David Burns/The Eagle: Reid L. Shelton, Eduardo Casafranca: Victor Millan, Ray: Fred Lerner, The Frenchman: David Olivier, Margo: Katia Christine, Valet Attendant: Michael Horsley, Male Guest: Michael Lamont, Actress: Helen Duffy
Summary: Michael's only hope of preventing the assassination of a Latin American president is a girl who knows the plan, but has amnesia.

The Hitchhiker

Split Decision

December 14, 1983

Two sisters who have lived together all their lives hire a real estate agent to find them separate homes. Audrey Landers. Judy Landers.

Night Court

Episode 3 The Former Harry Stone

January 18, 1984

Terry Kiser, Judy Landers, Joey Aresco, Barney Martin
Lana learns that Harry has a criminal record when she tries to find out his age to settle a bet.

Fantasy Island

Episode 151 Bojangles and the Dancer/ Deuces are Wild

May 12, 1984

Directed by Bob Sweeney. Written by Shiela R. Allen and David Chambers

A married couple come to the Island with a mixed agenda - he is intent upon performing with his idol, Mr. Bojangles - she, however, is intent upon keeping him from fulfilling his fantasy for fear it may kill him and two sisters hope to fulfill their lifelong fantasy - to be taken seriously.
Guest stars: Sammy Davis, Jr., John Ericson, Walter Gotell, Telma Hopkins, Audrey Landers, Judy Landers, Glynn Turman, Stuart Whitman

Knight Rider

Episode 62 Knight Strike

April 5, 1985

Credits: Sheila: Judy Landers, Tyler: Kathrine Baumann, Jastrow: Richard Herd, Rawleigh: Jack O'Halloran, Fletcher: Paul Tuerpe, Edgar: Logan Ramsey, Tom O'Malley: Bill Yeager, Sgt. Gottlieb: Mark Giardino, Clerk: Wendy Oates, Tuxedo: Michael Masters, Martha: Virgina Peters
Summary: To find stolen laser rifles, Michael attends a survivalist convention where pistols taken in the same robbery have been sold.


Where Is The Monster When You Need Him?

October 1, 1985

While helping a friend who's filming a monster movie in Mexico, the team encounters some restless natives. Jerry: Michael Lerner. Jenny: Judy Landers. Charles: Dennis Cole. Dunnigan: Mike Preston. White Angel: Walter Gotell. One Shot: Rick Garcia.

Night Court

Episode 50 The Apartment

January 30, 1986

Judy Landers, Keye Luke, Bumper Robinson
Harry throws a surprise birthday for Dan, whose date is extremely anxious to be home by midnight.

LA Law

Episode 3 The House of the Rising Flan

October 10, 1986

Directed by E W Swackhamer. Story by Les Carter & Susan Sisko

Bill Macy, Michael Horton, Joanna Frank [ as Sheila Brackman ], Roy Brocksmith, David Wohl, Bel Sandre, Judy Landers, Cec Verrell, Felton Perry
Sifuentes suffers through dinner at the Brackmans, Markowitz is in the middle of a fierce tax-audit between a millionaire hot-dog vendor and an alcoholic IRS agent, Kuzak's personal-injury suit against an amusement park is complicated by his young client's adoptive father and Abby has more trouble from her husband when he kidnaps thier son Eric.

LA Law

Episode 4 The Princess and the Weiner King

October 17, 1986

Directed by Sharron Miller. Written by Jacob Epstein

Bill Macy, Cynthia Harris, Judy Landers, Pierrette Grace, Richard Gates, Dean Devlin, Carol Potter, David Andrews, Adam Arkin
McKenzie takes a dim view of future lawyers after his guest lecture at a law school is followed by questions dominated by self-interest, and at the office, his secretary Iris takes a dim view of her future with the firm. Meanwhile, a lovesick client follows Becker's advice, then blames Arnie when his wife won't return to him; Sifuentes goes to bat for a young girl facing charges she shot her brother; Kuzak meets his competition for Grace's affections and Stuart wows Ann with his private life.

Murder, She Wrote

Season 3 Episode 11 Night of the Headless Horseman

January 4, 1987

Director: Walter Grauman. Writer: R. Barker Price

The 'headless' horseman rides again, but his costume becomes more realistic.
Dorian Beecher: Thom Bray, Sheriff Rankin: Doug McClure, Dorn Van Stotter: Dean Stockwell, Doc Walker: Charles Siebert, Sarah Dupont: Karlene Crockett, Edwin Dupont: Fritz Weaver, Charlotte Newcastle: Hope Lange, Nate Findley: Barry Williams, Bobbie: Judy Landers, Todd Carrier: Brandon Douglas, Robert: Donald Thompson, Brendan: Adam Ferris.

Night Court

Episode 101 Danny Got His Gun

May 12, 1988

Judy Landers, George Murdock
Dan flip-flops on his active duty for the Army Reserve until he learns it will be in a tropical paradise with a beautiful lady officer.

Judy has also appeared in Dragnet '90, ALF, Out Of This World, Lottery!, Happy Days several other episodes of The Love Boat and 8 episodes of Fantasy Island
Judy has also been in several TV pilots, such as What Really Happened to the Class of '65 (this was Judy's first TV appearance), and Rock Candy (With Audrey).

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