Landers sisters in Entertainment Tonight

On the weekend of July 20-21, Entertainment Tonight's "Where are they Now?" weekend show included a segment on Audrey and Judy Landers. I was able to get some caps of it and bring them to you. I'm going to do this page a little different from the other vidcap pages. As usual, click on any picture to see the full size.

We start off with a shot of the sisters today.

Then one each of Judy and Audrey back when they were the hottest thing in Hollywood

The next few pics are from the girls poster shoot together. This was probably one of the first posters that featured two personalities.

Back to today and a shot of a staircase with lots of Landers pictures

A couple of early photos of the sisters

Audrey talks about her audition for "Dallas" and how she borrowed some of her sister's clothes because they were looking for someone bustier. Judy uses her time-honored joke about how Audrey is "two years older, but I'm two inches bigger." (this is at least the third show I have seen where Judy used that line.)

A couple more of Audrey as she talks about how her character Afton was only supposed to be on two episodes, but they asked her back for more.

Judy on "BJ and the Bear" She really learned to drive a truck.

Audrey the songwriter

Audrey in "A Chorus Line." Even though the movie went nowhere, I've heard several people say Audrey was the one bright spot in the film.

They mention "The Huggabug Club," but I was unable to get any good captures. Then they talk about their husbands and children. Audrey has twin boys and Judy has two daughters. Perhaps a second generation of Landers sisters.

As you can see Audrey and Judy still look beautiful. I look forward to finding out what future plans they may have.

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