BJ and the Bear Vidcaps

I was fortunate enough to find someone who has a nearly complete run of "BJ and the Bear" episodes on tape, and I acquired the third season from him.

I got recenty bought the entire BJ and the Bear series on DVD. On the plus side, the capture quality is much better than the vhs tapes I have. However, I cannot make exact copies of the existing captures I have. Especially the first episode with Judy. The two hour episode was cut to 90 minutes on my DVD. Pages captured from the DVD are marked with an asterisk *.

There are 30 pictures per page. If an episode shows more than 30, then make sure to go to the next page for more pics.

Thanks to the BJ and the Bear Fan Club on MSN, I have the original airdates, so the shows are listed in the order they aired.

"BJ and the Seven Lady Truckers" 72 pictures BJ and the Seven Lady Truckers
January 13, 1981
This is the first episode of the third season, which introduces "Stacks"

The Fast and the Furious "The Fast and the Furious" 133 pictures*
January 20 and 27, 1981
I combined the pictures for this two part episode.

Beauties and the Beasts "Beauties and the Beasts" 104 pictures
February 17, 1981
This episode has several good quotes by Judy, so I've added a sounds page for it.

Blonde in a Gilded Cell "Blonde in a Gilded Cage" 147 226 pictures
March 3, 1981
Stacks is kidnapped! Lots of great shots of Judy.

Updated with larger and more pics.

For Adults Only "For Adults Only" 45 pictures
March 10, 1981

Detective Finger, I Presume "Detective Finger, I Presume" 66 pictures
May 2, 1981
Judy shows off some of her gymnastics skills in this episode.

The Two Million Dollar Hustle "The Two Million Dollar Hustle" 14 pictures
May 9, 1981
This is the last episode of the series

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