How Sexy Judy Stays Taut & Trim

Your Health CoverSleek and sexy Judy Landers knows the ropes when it comes to staying fit.

And it's no wonder, because she was a premier gymnast who conquered all comers at the New York State Championships at the age of 16.

The dynamic blonde, who starred on TV's syndicated Madame's Place, told Your Health: "I grew up doing acrobatics.

“I always had a talent for flipping myself around,” the soft-spoken actress says, recalling her rambunctious tomboy days.

“By the time I was three, I already was climbing tall trees, so my mom started me in ballet.

“That lasted a year, then I took up acrobatics.

“Gymnastics gave me the confidence to pursue acting,” says Judy, who first made an impact with TV viewers as Angie, the secretary-showgirl on Vega$.

“When I won the championship, it gave me, a little bit more confidence, enough so I could adroit to my mom that I wanted to be an entertainer.”

After working up the courage to ask her mother, Judy relates: “My family was waiting for me to, outgrow my shyness so I would have a career.”

Judy Landers in shortsBut the entertainment instinct was already deeply rooted in the family.

As a theatrical manager, Judy's mom guided sister Audrey's modeling and TV successes.

A knockout figure, partially shaped by calisthenics, helped the younger Landers sister quickly rack up credits.

On a trip to Hollywoo to visit Audrey, all it took was, one look for a casting agent to get Judy her first role as “Wanda the Bod” in the movie What Really Happened to the Class of '65?

After breaking into TV with Vega$, she landed a second series, B.J. and the Bear, where she played a female trucker named “Stacks.”

Besides contributing to her spectacular shape and overalI well-being, Judy's gymnastics training stood her in good stead last year when she flew through a fiery hoop as part of her trapeze routine for the Circus of Stars.

“The trainer knew about my gymnastics background and told me: 'You're going to be so good at this, we're going to have you flying through fire!'”

“The man who worked with me on this act has an entire circus set-up in his yard l go over to his house to work out on the flying trapeze and ropes,” says the 22-year-old entertainer who continues to keep up with her calisthenics.

Judy in swimsuit“I do floor exercises and tumbling, but since last year, my hobby has been the flying trapeze,” she says. "'I'm crazy about it!

“When I work out, I work out flat and really push my body,” says the athletic actress. “I jog; do gymnastics; use a little trampoline. I go through so many different types of exercise. I used to run two to three miles every day with my sister.”

However, Judy now spaces out her running and, instead, starts her daily revup with 45 minutes of aerobics. “My sister and I have videotapes of both the Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons workouts. I follow their routines every morning.

“Also, working out with Audrey on our nightclub act burns up a lot of calories,” she explains. “We do some rock 'n' roll.

“I've also incorporated walkovers, backbends and other gymnastic moves. I get up emotionally when I dance.” says the shapely star. “I find it gives me enthusiasm and energy.”

However, calories don't have a chance to pile onto her eye-popping, 5-foot-41/2 inch frame. Judy attributes this both to her non-stop energy and her low-fat, meatless diet.

“I've been a vegetarian for six years,” the 107 pound dynamo told Your Health. “I love animals. Man was bom carnivorous, but my own instincts make me unable to eat meat.

“I'll have some scallops, clams, shrimp or some other shellfish once or twice a week, because I found I need the protein.

Audrey, Ruth and Judy Landers“My parents were concerned,“ Judy admits. “I studied the necessary dietary combinations to make sure I wasn't cheating myself of the protein I'd otherwise get from meat.

“I also eat some eggs, cheese and tofu for protein. And, I mix brown rice with a vegetable so it gives me the same amino acids as meat.”

While working on Madame's Place, she'd usually order Japanese shushi or a California combination of avocado and crabmeat wrapped in seaweed and topped with white rice.

“Besides being low in, calories and high in protein, it's simply great with a little horseradish to give it that added zip,” she says.

Besides shunning meat and poultry, the bubbly actress also avoids salt and white bread. However, she takes a multi-vitamin as well as vitamin C and E every day.

“I researched vegetarianism to make sure I wasn't doing anything harmful to my body. Health and working out is so important to me because of my gymnastic background,” stresses Judy.

“When I was competing, I ate more than I do now. My appetite isn't as large.” She explains: “When I took up the trapeze for the Circus of Stars, I'd practice for an hour and a half before going to the set.

“On Saturday and Sunday, I'd practice from 7:30 till noon, then from three to six p.m. I found I could eat anything and not worry.

“No matter what kind of exercises I do, I always do stretches. I've done that since I took ballet as a child,” says Judy. “I think stretching your backbone is really important.

“You build up muscle when you work out. I don't want that bulky look,” she explains. “In my opinion, stretching smoothes out the muscles so they are long and lean. I think that is much prettier looking.”

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