Judy and Audrey in swimsuits HAPPY LANDERS! Okay girls, cut the cheesecake! Yes, it's those Fabulous Landers Sisters, Judy and Audrey, hamming it up on the French Riviera, where they were shooting the Love Boat reunion premiere. "We play two very poor sisters," Judy confides. "Audrey's character has saved for years to take us on this cruise in order to meet rich husbands." Audrey, best known as Afton on Dallas, plays Val in the film verrion of 'A Chorus Line.' due out this winter. Judy has just signed a record deal, with Audrey co-producing the first single; Audrey's own fourth album recently went platinum. As if that weren't enough, they also tour in a joint nightclub act. "We love working together." gushes Judy. "We have great chemistry together and we have a good time. And we're best friends."

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