TV and Movie Screen Exclusive Interview

Judy Landers

By Marvin Bevans

Q: Did you always want to be an actress, like your older sister Audrey (who stars on Dallas)?
A: Acting was always Audrey's thing, and because of that it never occurred to me to try, it. Whew! I was much younger I wanted to be a gymnast. Acting scared me because as a kid I was real shy. I still am, I think, though I'm overcoming it.

Q: What is it about acting that you like?
A: I love the challenge; I love something that involves me so totally.

JudyQ: How did your career actually begin?
A: My sister received a call to go up on a commercial call that didn't involve speaking. She couldn't make it, and someone suggested
that I go up for it. I got it, and that began it all. But for a long time after that I went on all these commercial calls and couldn't land any of them. One day my mother sat me down and told me that when I was. with my family I was just so natural and outgoing, but on the calls I clammed up. She gave me a piece of advice: 'be myself.' And from then on it worked ... I've gotten everything I have been up for.

Q: Then what happened?
A: Well, that was all in New York. Audrey and I grew up in Rockland County, a suburb of the city. My mother and I went out to Hollywood. Audrey was already there at the time. I met my sister's agent and he said that he had something he wanted me to go up for; something that I was just perfect [or: It was a Universal film, Class of 65, playing a girl who was rebellious. I got the part even though there were some other actresses who were close to signing. The director took a special interest and really worked with me. It was exciting because all the others in the cast were name stars.

Q:What do you think marked a turning point in your career?
A: I think having a featured role on Vegas jar a year gave me a lot of exposure. Originally I went up for an episodic role that I really wasn't right for, but they saw me and jet they wanted to use me. Then I got the script, to read for Angie, and it was perfect. I stayed on for one season but found that the part was limiting.

Q: And BJ and the Bear?
A: I loved playing Stacks. I'd stay on for several more years, at least, if I could have. Greg (Evigan) is like an older brother to me. He's real nice. He and his wife are just terrific. And I learned so much from working on this show; little technical things that are really important for me as an actress.

Q: Did you think the show and Stacks would take off the way they have?
A: I planned on it taking off

Q: Would you like to someday work with Audrey?
A: We are planning a sisters' act for Las Vegas next year. Audrey has a great voice; I'm okay. Really. the whole thing is a little scary, but I'm looking forward to it.

Judy and AudreyQ: It seems to me that your family is very important to you. Is this true?
A: Absolutely. Without my family I'd be in a real mess. I'm an insecure type but 1 have that level of support from them that 1 need. 1 live with Audrey; she and my mother are my best friends. My mother is also our manager. My mother and father divorced when. I was young; she re-married and raised us. 1 think she did a good job.

Q: What did she teach you in particular?
A: Well, she always emphasized to us that if you're a good person, if you do good things, then good things will happen to you.

Q: What's your fantasy for the future?
A: To be a movie star, to live near the. ocean. 1 think 1 feel closest to God when I'm by the ocean. I'm not religious in a traditional sense, but 1 do believe in God: My fantasy would also have me married with children, and we'd all live on a family compound. Audrey in one house, myself in another, my mother in another.

Q: Is there a special guy in your life?
A: Yes. but I'd rather not say any more.

Q: Tell me. what appeals to you in someone?
A: 1 like a man to be protective; 1 like someone who is sensitive and understanding; someone who has a sense of humor and doesn't yell at me. 1 can't stand to be yelled at.

Q: Tell me about a happy time in your life.
A: Now is one of the happiest times of my life. I'm working on a show 1 love. there's someone in my life, I'm in good health.

Q: You're young. why is good health an issue?
A: I've always been into good health. As a gymnast 1 was always into a sound body. And I've been a vegetarian for years now.

Q: Do you enjoy being interviewed?
A: Oh, yes. The press has always been good to me. So far,

Thank you Judy, for an honest interview! Although BJ & The Bear has been cancelled, you've had a smashing start! 0

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