At Home with "BJ and the Bear" Beauty

Judy LandersYou've Judy Landersseen her on a number of shows in the past and now you've got the chance to see her voluptuous body every week as luscious Stacks on NBC's BJ AND THE BEAR.

Judy Landers is 21, beautiful and the sister of Audrey Landers, who plays Afton Cooper, one of J. R. Ewing's many. mistresses on DALLAS.

Many will remember her as the character who played ding-a-ling Angie (“Did I do good Dan?”) on VEGA$ and she's appeared in guest starring roles on CHARLIE'S ANGELS, THE LOVE BOAT, THE USERS, THE CLASS OF '65, and JOSHUA TREE.

Of all her roles, Judy enjoys playing Stacks most. “I love this kind of part,” she coos. “It's fun to me. If there are enough parts like this, I'd just as soon do them all the time.

“I don't think of Stacks as being dumb at all. She's just silly and she knows what she's doing when it comes down to the basics. She's just a person who enjoys having a lot of fun and getting the most out of her life.”

“I don't think there's anything wrong with being well-endowed,” she defends Judy Landerswhen asked about charges that she's only on the show to display her body. “Being busty costs me as many jobs as it gets me. I used to be a gymnast and there was this commercial featuring a gymnast that I really wanted to do. I auditioned and was the best gymnast there but they passed me by because they insisted I didn't look like a gymnast -- gymnasts usually aren't busty, you know -- so I didn't get the job.”

When she's not busy working, Judy enjoys swimming, and just relaxing around her plush Hollywood home. “This is what makes it all worth while to me,” she coos.

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Judy Landers Judy Landers

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