TV's Inseparable Sisters

Hollywood's lovely duo — J.R.'s mistress on Dallas, Audrey Landers and her sister Judy, from BJ And The Bear — say they are attached by an “invisible cord.”

Judy, 21, and Audrey, 23, routinely anticipate each other's telephone calls — especially when there's trouble.

Audrey and Judy LandersAnd the “vibes”, they say, are also felt 5,000 km away by their mother and manager, Ruth Landers, who lives near Nyack, New York State. The sisters, both stunning blondes who share a luxury apartment in Beverly Hills say they have been aware of the “link” since childhood.

Says Judy: “For as long as I can remember, mum has had to travel a lot. This used to upset me. I'd cry and beg her not to leave. But she would tell me not to worry, that we were all joined by an invisible cord, and if we ever needed each other, all we had to do was tug on it.

“Well, that's kind of how it happens. I am picking up the phone to find mum on the line — she is calling me and I pick it up before it rings. The same thing happens between Audrey and me.”

One winter Audrey was skiing, her mother was suddenly moved by a strange urge to call her. When she finally got through to the ski lodge, she found Audrey had broken her ankle, and had been trying to phone but heavy snowfalls had cut some phone lines.

The Landers are so close they share the same bank account, and draw equal allowances irrespective of who is working and who is not.

“Mum is our champion,” says Judy, “because we can completely trust her. She is our best friend. And she is a great business woman.”

Meanwhile, Judy is busy denying reports she is romantically involved with Burt Reynolds, who happens also to be her all-time favourite actor. “We're just friends,” she says. “We talk on the phone once in a while.”

She does, however, fantasize about one day making a movie with Reynolds, who is more than twice her age. “That would be a dream come true. That would be wonderful.”

Unfortunately, the scripts Judy has been reviewing (since her television show was axed) are not being read by Burt Reynolds. But she hasn't lost hope that they will work together.

“I have a long way to go in my career,” she says. “I want to be a great actress and just do movies.” Judy certainly has taken a great leap forward in the couple of years since being introduced to her sister's agent.

Judy in swimsuitShe recalls: “I walked into his office and he looked at me and said, ‘Hey, you're perfect for this part!' He called Universal Studios and insisted they see me, although they said they had already cast the part. Anyhow, I auditioned, and got it. The break was in What Really. Happened To The Class Of ‘65.

“What I want most of all now is a career,” she says. “When I'm about 27. I'll think about marriage and children.'
Despite their closeness and the invisible ties, Judy insists there's no competition between herself and Audrey.
“When I decided to take up acting, Audrey was quick to help me. Now we help each other. When she comes home with her lines, I play J.R. for her — and she used to help me play Stacks. If one of us is up for a part, and we don't get it, we always tell the director, ‘But look, I have a sister...' "

Judy feels fate is leading the way. “There is only one part I ever really wanted. It was for a television pilot. When I didn't get the role, I cried for days. Well, the series didn't get picked up and, meanwhile, I tried out for BJ And The Bear — and it did go to air.”

by Colin Dangaard

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